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Hello everyone and welcome to the Theta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi. My name is Kate Berrie and I am the current President of the Theta Sigma Chapter of the Alpha Phi Fraternity. The Theta Sigma Chapter has been at Southern Utah University for 21 years. 

Alpha Phi has been a huge part of my collegiate experience and has shaped me into the woman I am today. Alpha Phi is a group of women supporting each other, in order to help each individual member reach their full potential. Our organization is centralized around 6 values that we incorporate into our daily life. We believe through sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, loyalty, and character development we can excel in both our personal and professional life. 

This past year Theta Sigma raised over 13,000 dollars in support of Women's Cardiac Care. Our members gave over 900 hours of community service while maintaining the highest Greek GPA on campus. 

Feel free to look around, see what we are all about and contact us with any questions!


Alpha Phi's Mission Statement: Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.


Philanthropy & Service

Every chapter of Alpha Phi is united by a single goal when it comes to philanthropy. Internationally, Alpha Phi’s philanthropy focuses on women’s heart health. Alpha Phi Foundation is the proud philanthropic partner of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, with a mission of “advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy”. Alpha Phi officially adopted Women’s Heart Health as a priority in 1946, which became the Foundation’s philanthropic priority upon its founding in 1956. Today, the Foundation proudly invests in leadership, scholarship and emergency aid for its members, as well as programs and research that study heart disease in women – specifically its symptoms, treatment and prevention through its annual Heart to Heart Grant. As the Theta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi, we organize various events to help raise money for Alpha Phi Foundation. Alpha Phi Foundation divides donations into several categories including women’s heart health, scholarships and leadership programs. 


  • Red Dress Gala is Alpha Phi's annual silent auction philanthropy event, held during Alpha Phi's Parents’ Weekend each spring. Families, friends and alumnae are invited to enjoy an elegant evening of food, drink and fun at a formal venue. All proceeds from Red Dress Gala benefit Alpha Phi Foundation.

    Last year we had a Philanthropy week, a week full of events that encouraged the students to get involved with our cause. We ended the week with Red Dress Gala and were able to raise over $13,000 to help raise money for our philanthropy.

  • The Theta Sigma chapter has a strong passion for donating time to our local community. We have relationships with multiple local organizations and dedicate our time and service to them throughout the year. Twice a month we host service events for various different causes. We want to be sure we support those in need and give back to our community through service.



Executive Council:


Kate Berrie

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Vice President of Risk Management-

Karlee Myers


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Vice President of Chapter Operations-

Tabitha Hyduke


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Vice President of Programming and Education-

Hannah Krueger


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Vice President of Marketing-

Preslee Bonner


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Vice President of Membership and Recruitment

Kailee Rudolph


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Vice President of Campus Affairs-

Kylie Rice 


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Chapter Advisor-

Cindy Moxley

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Members of Alpha Phi recognize the importance of using their collegiate years to gain valuable leadership experience. Our members hold many leadership positions within our chapter that guide and govern our members. These roles allow our chapter officers the opportunity to become a leader among their peers. Many members of our chapter are also involved in activities outside of Alpha Phi that will help shape their future success. Year-round, our chapter members participate in internships and jobs, volunteering, study abroad opportunities, and clubs and student organizations.



Hello my name is Kailee Rudolph, I am Vice President of Membership and Recruitment so I am in charge of recruitment. My departments goal is to get girls excited about Alpha Phi and bring women into our chapter who strive to live up to our values and standards! It is wonderful to be a member of Alpha Phi because it truly gives me a home away from home with the constant love, support and encouragement I get from my sisters. It is my hope that you will be drawn to Alpha Phi and find a home in our chapter.

Hope to see you at rush!

-Kailee Rudolph

The new member process starts with rush which is a week full of events that are geared to help you get to know the sisters and the amazing things that Alpha Phi has to offer. The last event is called Bid Day, this is where the process really begins and when you recive your bid to become a new member. Bid Day is a party to celebrate all the new Alpha Phi's! It gives the new members and active sisters a chance to get to know one another. In the past we have done a Kate Spade themed party, APhichella, carnivals and many more fun things! Welcoming our new sisters is always the best day of rush week.

I’m Hannah Krueger and I am Vice President of Programming and Education. My department is over ceremonies, new member education, sisterhood, academics and chapter programming. I will be helping out during the next step in the new member process. The process is six weeks long and consists of classes once a week. These classes are less of lecture and more of a bonding experience, we want the pledge class to be united so the girls can have a good start to their experience in alpha phi. New members will learn about founders, how our organization was started, important dates, Alpha Phi as an international group, meanings, symbols and of course we will have plenty of embarrassing ice breakers.

The new member team is one of my favorite departments in Alpha Phi. All our new alpha phi babies are so excited to be there, learn and gain that sisterhood aspect that all the actives have. Overall the process is meant to bond new members to their sisters and teach them about the wonderful organization of alpha phi before they are initiated. 

-Hannah Krueger

I'm Preslee Bonner and I am the big sister program chairman. I am here to match girls together to make the best big/little relationship EVER.  When you enter Alpha Phi it can be scary, but we will match you with someone to mentor you through your new member process and through your Alpha Phi experience. Your big is your go to girl for questions you may have and for anything you may need. By connecting you with someone in the chapter it gives you a place in Theta Sigma. 

-Preslee Bonner

Fall 2016 Rush Schedule:


Tuesday, September 6th-

Greek BBQ 12-1PM- Business Quad

Values Night 6PM- Ballroom

Wednesday, September 7th-

*Invite Only*

Philanthropy Night 6PM

Thursday, Septmember 8th-

*Invite Only*

Pref Night 7PM

Friday, Septeber 9th-

*Bid Only*

Bid Day 7PM

You can find the Alpha Phi recommendation form here. 



The Theta Sigma Chapter takes scholarship very seriously. Women attend college first for an education and that Alpha Phi supports them in their academic pursuits. We have weekly study hours, grade checks and tutoring to ensure each members success. We encourage growth outside of school from things like internships and involvment in other clubs or oganizations.

Here are a few examples of our amazing sisters from Summer 2016:

Rylie Miller is a sophomore Athletic Training major. She spent her summer interning at Philippi Sports Institute in Las Vegas where she had the opportunity to observe and assist in the training of college and professional athletes.

Ayleen Perry is an English major with a minor in Legal Studies. Aside from serving as the Theta Sigma Chapter's Director of Academics, she has extended her experience in college to other opportunities. Ayleen spent her Spring 2016 semester interning for the Fifth District Court in Cedar City, Utah. Also, she spent her summer working for a corporate immigration law firm in Dallas, TX. In the near future, she hopes to intern for the U.S. capital in Washington D.C. before attending law school.

Amy Andre is a Junior Communications major with a media emphasis and Poltical Science major with a minor in Legal Studies. Amy spent her summer interning for Fox 13 specifically for their lifestyle show, The Place. She was able to work closely with the televison shows hosts as well as the general sales department. 



When I rushed Alpha Phi, I heard the word sisterhood multiple times and it was the one that stood out most to me. At the time I never realized what it would grow to mean to me. Previous to Alpha Phi I'd never really found a place that I could be myself and be a part of something bigger than your average group. What I found in this organization were girls who loved me at my very lowest and taught me to find beauty in myself. I found support in everything I set my mind to and a hug whenever I needed one. I found something bigger than the shirts, the pictures, and the events. What I found was a home and a family of the bravest and kindest women who love me each and every day. Sisterhood is more than some silly definition in a book, it's true unconditional love.

-Sydney Harmston, Senior

  I grew up in a family with all brothers, I was constantly begging my mom for a sister. I always had my group of friends but it always felt like it was constantly changing, relationships came and went. When I met the girls I now call my sister I knew I had found something special. Like every college student, coming to school can be scary but Alpha Phi has made school my home away from home and I owe that to my beautiful sisters. They are a constant group, always supporting me, ready to help with my every need, a group I could always count on. I never got that sister I begged my mom for but I found 70+ who I can call my best friends.

-Amy Andre, Junior

I never knew how much I was missing something in my life until I rushed Alpha Phi in the fall of 2014. In this chapter I have found my home away from home, 70+ best friends, my rommates, my future bridesmaids, etc, etc. I have never been around women who lift each other up and encourage each other to be who they are like my sisters do. I have never walked into a room and immedietly felt so much love and happiness then when I am around my sisters. Alpha Phi is truly a life changing experience that has given me the most amazing memories and truest friends. It is something that from now on I will always have with me, wherever I go. I am so proud to be an Alpha Phi of Theta Sigma. 

-Preslee Bonner, Junior



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